The Swedish word "Form" has different meanings
Graphic Design/as well as in terms of Health & Wellbeing.
I work with "Form" in both ways. 


This is my history:

Creator with a passion for helping others feel good. Hélène has a background as a production manager and project manager at an advertising agency in Stockholm. The private company was founded in 2007 and in that she runs both projects and working as a graphic designer. Hélène is a designer but she also has an education in health and training and passion for travel with a focus on health and wellness. Hélène and Kent Hansson built up a concept for Training Camp, Majorca with Nick Söderblom Wellbeing and MalindeMora, a concept that is implemented every year. When Hélène few years ago came in contact with Ayurveda, the pieces fell into place - it is a way to help us find our way back to our original balance and learn how we affect, prolong and control our lives. That way we can live the life we ​​want. Now she organizes retreats to Mallorca along with Sweden's foremost personal development - Eva Forsberg Schinkler.


I am a driven creative designer with a passion for wellbeing; my dual education in graphical design and health/fitness supports my entreprenurial ventures in these two areas. I have been chosen as an ambassador for the ’Snowfire webdesign’ community, built up a training camp for couples in Mallorca (together with Hollywood PT Nick Soderblom) and participated in the jury for ’Sweden’s Best E-commerce Site 2016’. My latest venture is to introduce Ayurveda to the Nordic community; I have launched a retreat in Mallorca (September 2016) and am in the process of building up an authentic Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, India
I was honored to participate as one of the members in the jury voting for ’Swedens Most Userfriendly E-commerce Site 2016’